What does it take to grow ourselves, our ideas and our business?

Systemic Growth

We support you, your teams & your business
through strategic and systemic thinking in times of change.

Who can Systemic Growth™ help and how?

As a leader, you know that change is the only constant, and to grow ourselves, our ideas and our business, change is a must. What happens if we do not  actively design and review the organisation, systems and key value proposition?

Cultivating the change mindset and focusing strategically can be a stretch when everyone is lean and busy on working on what is important to deliver yesterday (according to customer’s demand).

After more than two decades working in and around large-scale change programmes and project teams, mostly in technology settings, we know the methodologies and the challenges with people, process and systems in order to deliver successful solutions.

We work with you to help deliver that change mindset so that creativity is maximised, clarity is achieved and resourcefulness is gained. We put together a programme, tailored to your values and desired solutions, whether it’s through facilitation, workshops, training, coaching, mentoring, networking, events or any other means.

Standards are there to be Exceeded.
Set your own Benchmark.

– Laila Edge

Who we work best with:

CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, IT directors...

or Jedi working by another name looking to get their strategy implemented successfully.

Whether it’s product launches, digital transformations, change management programmes or anything that requires “soft skills” or emotional intelligence – we work with your teams to facilitate the success of the projects so that you can feel assured that it is handled.

Specialists and experts...

looking to communicate more effectively and build better relationships within their organisations or with prospects and clients.

Whether you are a technical specialist, auditor or risk manager – instead of being seen as an obstructor or ‘being in the way of delivery’ – we work with you to be seen as approachable and contributing towards the business success.

Business owners...

that wants to scale up their business systematically and sustainably.

Instead of working in your business and looking at the next tactical solution – lift your head up and work on your business strategically and focus on your growth.

We work towards you being able to take a holiday without worrying about your business. So that when you return, you can rest assured that it has been handled by your team.

How we help:

When you all need to pull in the same direction

because that project or product launch is important to be delivered. How do you find the common agenda and methodology, and get everyone to work from the same page?

When change is needed, because failure is not an option

but you need some help in implementing your vision.

When you need a strategic partner to soundboard with

because it’s not about the transactional piece of work, but the partnership, the relationship and the trust that you create.

When busy becomes the buzzword

and it’s difficult to see the woods for the trees. What strategy do you have in place to prevent it from happening – and what do you do if it’s already happened?

When creative and resourceful thinking will help you innovate

but perhaps, there are so many obstacles in the way from making it happen.

When you need to be seen in a different light

and you’re stuck with the same perceptions. How can you change people’s minds about you?