Partner up with us and we build a relationship with you where we understand your vision and what you want to deliver, make it tangible, make it happen and packaging it in a way that shows people and Executive Board the value of your IT services.

We see that there is a place for known methodologies (whether DevOps, ITIL, COBiT etc), but equally, to truly innovate and make the most of your uniqueness, we will create a bespoke framework for you.

Where we differ from larger consultancies such as KPMG, EY etc is the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and working alongside the delivery teams. We focus on You and Your team.

  • Holistically understand your vision and challenges. We care about the results but also how we get there.
  • Delivery is through you and your team – we offer an objective, agenda-less perspective that is vested in your success.
  • Changing one part of the process has knock-on effect on other parts of the system. We look at the bigger picture and take this into consideration
  • We don’t just deliver recommendations for change but tailor and talk through the strategy. The results happen through the delivery of changing patterns and habits.
  • Change is a continuing process and we work with you to manage this.
  • We can be there for you during audit work and other compliance matters.

Our project, process, change management and communication services has delivered millions in either savings or creating opportunities over the past 20 years. Our speciality is in bridging the gap between business and technology.

Without Systemic Growth

With Systemic Growth

Using another consultancy

·         Results-driven to the sponsor(s)

·         May deliver training, but not normally involved in the on-going delivery or integration of training into business as usual processes

·         Initiatives normally delivered by special project team, potentially causing issues with the BAU team once initiatives have been delivered

·         Using Best Practice experience but may not consider creating lasting results

Not using a consultancy firm

·         The person/team rolling out the initiative may have vested interest that is not for the greater good of the team or be part of the issue

·         Lack of experience and exposure to other companies

·         Results-driven to the sponsors but also take into account all the stakeholders

·         Deliver training that focuses on creating new habits, thus automating the on-going delivery and flow

·         Solution designed by you but facilitated by us as an independent and technology-agnostic consultancy

·         Material that will help you respond and adapt to change going forward without our help

·         Setting up a community that shares the values of working together, being customer-centric and value-driven

·         Equipping with mindset tools that will help them overcome potential issues as well as being agile for future changes

Only engage with us if you want results that lasts. And delivered with integrity.