What’s your plan to keep yourself and your business growing and achieving ?

Do you have one? 

So often when we sit down at our desk, we work out a plan that looks at where we are right now and we ask our self “what’s next”?

Do you understand how that limits your choices?

It’s not that it isn’t a good question. It’s just not a GREAT question. It just doesn’t work to your full potential.

Wishing for more clients is no good if it’s only you fulfilling the orders. Unless you are happy to create yourself a job and not have ambitions to grow a business beyond yourself? 

Creating a business that means that people depend on you being there, is no good when what you want is the flexibility to travel, is it?

Perhaps you want to leave your job and want to start your own business?

Or you already have a business but looking to scale up?

Or you have a business and you are in need for some inspiration, new ideas?