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Are you interested in shaping and nurturing the next generation in IT? True innovation comes from people who will have a growth mind set.

Rhys ArnoldIT Support analyst at Ageas
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Hi I am Shameem Bajar. I am a trainee project leader. Laila has been my line manager and mentor throughout the graduate programme, playing a major part in my personal growth, professionalism in the workplace and getting me involved in many exciting projects within IT.

Laila has helped me to grow in self confidence by encouraging me to take on tasks that were out of my comfort zone. Through business analysis and process improvement projects, I was maintaining contact with senior people around the business. Laila taught me to use my initiative, make decisions and articulate my ideas.

As good example of how Laila helped me with my confidence is when she asked me to lead a meeting with a senior member of the Claims department. I was expected to articulate the purpose of the IT BPR and then ask for several pieces of information regarding her department. This experience taught me how to effectively obtain the information I need by explaining the value it would bring to the Claims department.

Self confidence has always been something I have struggled with and Laila was instrumental in helping me to overcome this barrier. Being my first job, I found it difficult approaching people and asking them for information or a hand. Laila organised tasks for me which required me to face this barrier head on. She has played the main role in shaping my progression at work, both professionally through work tasks and personally, through weekly growth sessions. Laila always gives her time to help others and is gifted with inspiring growth in others.

Shameem BajarIT Trainee Project Lead at Ageas